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What We Need

  • Device to be repaired

  • Desktop computer? We just need the tower itself, no cables are necessary

  • Any other device or computer? We need only the AC power adapter

  • Does your system require a password or is it locked in some way? Please either remove the password prior to releasing the device to us, or let us know the password so we can get your device back to you as soon as possible. You can then change your password once your computer has been repaired, if you prefer.

  • Recovery Disks may be needed. In some cases you might not have access to recovery media. Disks are available from most manufacturer’s for a nominal fee. No recovery media may cause a delay in repair of your system.

Things to Know

  • We do NOT work on whitebox/custom-built computers.

  • All Windows PCs MUST have a Microsoft Windows COA (Certificate of Authenticity) and be fully activated prior to work beginning. (Windows 8 & 10 do not have a physical COA sticker. It is stored on the system board. However, you will see a genuine Windows 8 or 10 sticker affixed to the machine if this is the case.)

  • Backup! You should always have a backup, but be extra sure that you have a good backup before we pickup your device. We will make a best effort to preserve as much of your data as possible, but DeKalb PC Repair is not responsible for any data loss in the support of your device.

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